SportImpact Volunteer Opportunities

(You can download this call for volunteers here)

SportImpact is currently a 100%-volunteer organization. We are looking for new passionate, committed and reliable volunteers to help develop the ‘Sport for Life’ project, focusing on replication in new countries beyond Timor-Leste and Cabo Verde. Roles can be fully home-based with part-time or full-time dedication . Volunteers work in coordination with the rest of the SportImpact team, with growing responsibilities over the period of collaboration.

We currently have the following key opportunities:

a. Marketing & Communications (6+ months; part-time; home-based)

Mission: Share what we do with the world, to raise awareness and show our value and impact, motivating our network and partners to collaborate to scale our impact.

Key responsibilities:

  • Plan our Marketing & Communications’ strategy (communication channels, messages, frequency, information sources, etc.)
  • Manage our website, Facebook page(s), mailing list and other networks
  • Ensure compilation of appropriate records of project activities and report as necessary for different audiences: internal, donors, partners, etc.
  • Contribute with project updates and photos for SportImpact’s website, Facebook page, reports and press releases


b. Impact Assessment (6+ months; part- or full-time; some project country time required)

Mission: Help us learn to continuously improve impact, and prove to ourselves and our partners that we are creating significant positive impact.

Key responsibilities:

  • Plan our Impact Assessment approach (what to measure, how, who, when, etc.)
  • Define, measure and publish indicators
  • Contribute to ‘Our Impact’ sections in reports and website
  • Support learning/improvement across the organization


c. Sport for Life Multiplier (2-6 months; full-time in project country)

Mission: Build solid foundations to spread the ‘Sport for Life’ approach in a new country or region.

Key responsibilities:

  • Plan the startup approach to a new geography, identifying key partners and defining the workplan (where to start, when, with whom, how to grow, etc.)
  • Connect and local partners and the SportImpact team to access appropriate human and material resources (trainers, volunteers, manuals, logistics, funding, etc.)
  • Develop facilitation capabilities in the ‘Sport for Life’ approach
  • Train local facilitators in the ‘Sport for Life’ approach and mentor them in the initial stages of the project (e.g., working locally for 2-6 months)



SportImpact Volunteers have the following characteristics and abilities:

  • Passionate about human development, in particular through sports
  • Excellent interpersonal and listening skills
  • A strong team player, persistent and resourceful, committed to generating top-quality work and strong positive impact, always creating opportunities and solutions
  • Do it’ attitude (there is no try) – at cause, taking responsibility, self-driven, able to work autonomously and committed to making things happen, engaging others as appropriate
  • For local opportunities: knowledge of the local language; for non-local opportunities: fluent in English, especially written


Good candidates will also feel strongly identified with SportImpact’s values:

Empowerment: We listen to communities and help them pursue the future they choose – for as long as necessary, not more.

Sustainability: We develop innovative solutions and business models to make projects sustainable, replicable and scalable.

Impact: We assess impact and control for unintended consequences, continuously making adjustments to maximize positive long-term results.

Collaboration: We bring multiple stakeholders together and openly collaborate, sharing knowledge, experience and resources to create value.

Integrity: We have zero tolerance for corruption, abuse, discrimination or any other unethical behaviors.

Fun: We care for everyone we work with and always have fun!



We have limited funding and are looking for volunteers who can fund their time with us in exchange for unique development opportunities and the reward of contributing to meaningful world impact.

SportImpact focuses on delivering outstanding impact while providing everyone in the team with great development opportunities. This includes:

  • Impact: You will be contributing to human development in countries where people often struggle to create opportunities to live the lives they really want.
  • Learning opportunities, through on-the-job feedback and formal reviews, as well as internal knowledge sharing, with a steep learning curve.
  • Entrepreneurial environment, where everyone has the opportunity to take initiative and drive projects. Given our small size and young age, working with SportImpact you will have the opportunity to significantly influence our business model and methodologies, and impact the way we are impacting the world. We welcome suggestions of areas where you’d like to work on, even if not described above.



Please send your CV and cover letter to sharing how you’d like to contribute to our mission of human development through sport (doing what, where, for how long…), explaining your motivation and why you are the right person.



SportImpact is a social enterprise promoting human development through sport.

We empower communities in developing countries to develop sport programs that stimulate happier, healthier, more productive, self-determined and fulfilling lives. Our vision is to use the power of sport to make everyone a changemaker, creating a peaceful and developed world, with equal opportunities for everyone.

SportImpact runs the ‘Sport for Life’ project, currently in Timor-Leste and Cabo Verde. The key objective is to help local youth and sport leaders to empower themselves and create their own lives. This involves running Sport for Life Youth Leadership Camps and workshops on “How to Organize Sport Events”, co-organizing multi-sport events for school children with workshop participants, and stimulating the development of sport clubs with regular activity.

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