Human development through sport

Creating a world where we are all empowered to take charge of our lives and fulfill our potential, our purpose, our dreams


UNESCO coverage of Youth Leadership Camp

Youth Empowerment Courses

Mission: Empower youth to take charge of their lives

Youth-led train-the-trainers and practical project roles where young participants gradually develop as facilitators, managers and leaders!

Multi-sport Multi-theme Activities

Mission: Stimulate kids with regular sport & education activities

Youth-organized activities that allow local kids to sample different sports and experiences teaching positive values and habits.

Our Approach


Volunteers attracted & rewarded by
their own development and empowerment


Scaling around the world by training
trainers of trainers of trainers...


Resourceful, do-it,
making it happen no matter what

2 countries

Cabo Verde


facilitators trained to
spread Sport for Life


course participants


kids in sport activities


Partners and volunteers - everyone growing together!


Irakli Khodeli (Programme Specialist)

For many of these people, especially the youth, sport is an ideal way to express themselves, to feel included in society. That is exactly the idea behind Sport for Life initiative, supported by UNESCO in Timor-Leste: to inspire and to empower the young generation to take charge of their lives, to formulate a positive vision of their future, to feel socially included.

Olympic Solidarity

Pamela Vipond (Deputy Director)

It is truly brilliant all that you are achieving in these two countries [of Timor-Leste and Cabo Verde] to assist the National Olympic Committees to develop sport and promote the Olympic values. Bravo and keep up the good work.

Timor-Leste volunteer

Silvina Amaral

There is no way I can pay back everything I have learned and received. If I were at university, I would have to pay and would learn very little. Here I learn a lot every day and I don't have to pay! SportImpact [Sport for Life] is my University!

Cabo Verde volunteer

Arsenia Cruz

I really enjoyed taking part in this workshop. It was a week rich in experiences and I could learn based on other participants’ knowledge! It was excellent, especially the final event, where I could see the joy in the face of the kids, and really felt proud of myself and felt inspired to continue doing these initiatives.


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Startup Kit

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Sport for Life Manual

A How-to guide to kick-off and manage a Sport for Life initiative.

Sport for Life Drive

100+ files to launch Sport for Life easily!

International Facilitators

Our direct support to accelerate the process.

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