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Ivete Rosa

Ivete Rosa is Sport for Life Master Facilitator, and Coordinator of the project in Cabo Verde. She was one of the key VerdeOlympics facilitators, leading its first train-the-trainer, and is now coordinating the M-Olympics gender equality project, with the Cabo Verde Olympic Committee.

Her work includes contacting and bringing together key stakeholders, adapting and constantly improving training methods and contents to meet audiences’ needs, and planning processes, exercises and dynamics for impactful workshops. Ivete uses her ability to connect with people, energy and willpower to motivate children, youth and adults to practice sport.

With Sport for Life, Ivete helped launch and has been spreading energy and inspiration for a transformation movement: over 400 youth, sport and community leaders in all inhabited islands of Cabo Verde have been trained to organize sport events at zero cost, and dozens have become project multipliers, replicating it in their communities on their own. As a result, more than 10,000 kids have had the opportunity to take part in unique multi-sport multi-theme sport and educational events. Through the pioneer VerdeOlympics project in 2016 she helped promote environmental sustainability through sport, and in 2017 she is taking M-Olympics, a Sport for Life initiative focusing on gender equality, to all islands through local Olympic focal points.

Ivete completed her Bachelor´s Degree in Public Relations at the University of Cabo Verde and is fluent in Creole (Sotavento) and Portuguese. She is constantly creating opportunities to improve her facilitation competences, having completed a train-the-trainers course on pedagogic skills and a seminar on Facilitation, Animation and Communication techniques. She has also been taking part in an ongoing coaching programme with SportImpact to continuously improve as a facilitator and coordinator, better addressing the challenges that come up.

She loves playing football and handball and promoting their practice, and had her first child at the end of 2016, right after facilitating the first Sport for Life train-the-trainer in Cabo Verde.

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